Joshua Aigner

Shoot I stay or shoot I go
When my grandfather gave me his 60-year-old analog camera, the fire was kindled. Since the first click and shoot I have grown more and more into the art of photography. A further and logical step was the start of my studies at the ‚Akademie Deutsche POP‘ in Frankfurt – the focus is currently on the degree in 2023.

The true seeing
For me photography means seeing. The general seeing is predominantly fleeting, often inattentive and casual. Seeing through photography is intensity and gives the moment the importance it deserves.
Inspired by the extravagant and provocative designs of the fashion magazines I show my view to the aesthetic of the fashion and the people.

This one moment only through the many moments
Capturing this one extraordinary moment is only possible through the many team moments. With the whole team on the set including make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, set designer and the model/s, I – no, we! – create unique photographs.
The whole technique behind photography is what fascinates me. To set the light in the studio to get the best possible result and to play with the depth of field.

Photo victim
Fashion photos are my passion. But also beauty photography and portraits of people are what I love. Concept development for all kinds of fashion photography – whether editorial, commercial of campaign. For everything we create an individual package together starting with a moodboard, looking for the right team of artists and a spot to shoot and the post processing including skin retouch.

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